Operating & Statistics

Statistical information can be retrieved via a web user interface. The information contains call detail records (CDRs) and call event records (CERs). The CDRs contain information like start, end and duration of the call. The CERs contain detailed information of the usage of the dialogue. CERs can be defined for actions like entering customer numbers, serial numbers and so on. Analyzing the information is extremely useful for optimizing dialogues. All information is directly available and can be exported to numerous external formats, like CSV text files and Excel spreadsheets.

Extended statistics / Call Markers
SpeechFrame® has a unique feature called "Call Markers" / "Event Detail Records" (EDR's). EDR's produce special statistical information which can be used for optimising the dialogue, for marketing purposes, for customer analyses, etc.

CDR's contain:

  • `callid` = cross-platform unique call ID 
  • `direction` = incall, outcall, transfer 
  • `cli` = Calling number 
  • `cli_format` = CLI format 
  • `cli_presentation` = CLI presentation 
  • `ocn` = Original Called number 
  • `ocn_format` = OCN format 
  • `rdn` = Redirecting Number 
  • `rdn_format` = RDN format
  • `tli` = Terminating Number 
  • `tli_format`  = TLI format 
  • `info` = Free info field for administrative purposes 
  • `bearer` = TDM, RTP 
  • `service_type` = VOICE, VIDEO, FAX 
  • `setup` = date/time of call setup 
  • `accepted` = date/time of call accept 
  • `connected` = date/time of call connect 
  • `released` = date/time of call release 
  • `cparty` = Clearing Party  
  • `ccause` = Clearing cause


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