Solutions can be deployed starting from a single chassis using a single PCIe telephony board (boxed solution), up to horizontally scaled SpeechFrame® front ends combined with vertically scaled application servers and database servers. Implementing load balancers in active/standby configuration guarantees 99.999% service availability.

Using a single server, up to 8 E1/T1 connections and up to 600 SIP channels can be delivered per server. A big configuration can contain more then 10.000 lines.

The architecture of SpeechFrame make it possible to deploy applications on a centralized site on several application servers. Adding load balancers in front of the application servers automates load balancing and service availability control. Whenever there is a faulty application server, requests will not be sent to that machine anymore, leaving the total solution fully operational.


SpeechFrame® has a very flexible architecture regarding its servers and software. The result is that various configurations can be setup. In this way the platform can grown with the capacity which you need on your demand.

Some configuration setups:


Fully distributed Architecture

For large scale solutions and geographically separated POPs, the solution can be scaled vertically. The SpeechFrame® core components will be installed on front end servers (POPs), the dialogues on a centralized site separated from the database servers. All back-end systems need to be reachable from the central site.

Fully distrubuted:

Adding Redundantie

Using a single server can be vulnerable for complete service failure in case of outage of the system or any component. A second identical system can be added to achieve redundancy. Every system can be duplicated on each level put other options are also possible.

Placing the systems into a cluster guarantees high availability. Database and message storage will be placed on an additional storage unit which is connected with optical fiber. Added redundancy using cluster and external storage, and the use of PCIe telephony boards in a PCIe rack to increase capacity per unit can be combined in the solution.

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