Java technology is a portfolio of products that are based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should run on many different kinds of systems and devices.
Java technology readily harnesses the power of networking because it is both a programming language and a selection of specialized platforms for different environments. As such, it standardises the development and deployment of secure, portable, reliable, and scalable applications as required by today's networked economies. Because the Internet and World Wide Web play a major role in new business development, consistent and widely supported standards are critical to growth and success.
Java Programming Language
The Java programming language lets you write powerful, enterprise-worthy programs that run in a browser, from the desktop, on a server, or on a consumer device. Java programs are run by - interpreted by - another program called the Java Virtual Machine (Java VM). Rather than running directly on the native operating system, the program is interpreted by the Java VM for the particular native operating system. This means that any computer system with a Java VM installed can run a Java program regardless of the computer system on which the application was originally developed.


Java Platform
The Java platform is a software-only platform that runs on top of other hardware-based platforms. Because hardware-based platforms vary in their storage, memory, network connection, and computing power capabilities, specialized Java platforms are available to address applications development for and deployment to those different environments.
Java technology has grown to include the portfolio of specialised platforms listed below. Each platform is based on a Java VM that has been ported to the target hardware environment. This means, for example, in the case of Desktop Java, desktop applications written in the Java programming language can run without modification on any Java VM-enabled desktop.

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