Create/change voice (IVR) services directly?

Comsys offers you:
The  The SCE is fully web based.
Customer value by facilitating services at lower cost.
Enabling solution for developing ‘customer driven convergent’ services. 

Service Creation Environment (SCE)

The Service Creation Environment (SCE) created by Comsys is an enabling solution for developing ‘customer driven convergent’ services for PSTN, Mobile, IP and Wireless Networks. The SCE delivers sustained customer value by facilitating rapid development and maintenance of revenue generating services at lower cost, independent of underlying network technology. The SCE automatically creates VoiceXML and Java, that will run on the SpeechFrame® platform.

The SCE enables users/customers to create/change voice (IVR) services directly. The user can use a Graphical Interface to manipulate between different functions to create/change a service. The SCE contains a feature that converts audio files such as MP3 or WAV files to the correct IVR format. The uploading of audio fragments is easy.

The SCE is fully web based. The advantage is that it is not required to install any software on your computer and can be used anywhere. Supported on Microsoft IE, Firefox, Chrome, Windows compatable.

The SCE has functions such as: drag & drop, copy & paste node, copy & paste tree, delete, disconnect, set and configure variables, collapse tree, shortcut and more.

User Actions:

  • Disconnect tree / node
  • Copy / Paste node
  • Move toolbox
  • Drop on blank node
  • Add node by configuration
  • Create shortcut to node / tree
  • Expand / Collapse tree fully or parts
  • Disconnect node by configuration
  • Copy / Paste tree

Graphical web based Service Creation Environment to create IVR flows
[click the image to enlarge]

Building blocks:

  • Start node, set global dialogue settings
  • Play
  • Menu
  • Transfer Bridged / Explicit
  • Record (store or email)
  • Day of Week
  • Date
  • Load (divide traffic based on load)
  • Variable play
  • Dynamic play
  • Field (multiple dtmf input)
  • Connect-Call (from pre-call to charged call)
  • Webservice (interface to any back-end)
  • Logical (check variables)
  • Set (change variables)
  • End (disconnect)
  • Re-route (continue in other dialogue)

There are many more features such as:

  • Color alerts
  • Import / Export
  • ...

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