Lawful Intercept.

 Easy to integrate, based on more than 30 years of experience.
 For Fixed and/or Mobile networks.
 Full duplex call recording, no network loops.


About Lawful Intercept

The Comsys Lawful intercept solution is very easy to integrated to an existing environment and includes a web-based interface to search, listen and save recordings. The lawfull intercept solution can record multiple calls in full duplex mode for a long period.
The recording solution in not placed in between the calls, which means that it does not influence the actual ongoing calls. The lawful intercept solution also records the DTMF input which might be exchanged between the 2 callers or multiple callers. The recording solution is based on the SpeechFrame product and is part of the Comsys Service Delivery Platform
The recording solution can be used for many other purposes such as:
  • Recording of Call Center calls
  • Recording of legal orientated calls
  • Recording of Emergency calls
  • Recording of conference calls

Lawful Intercept

Technical Information

  • Multiple simultaneous recordings
  • Full duplex call recording
  • DTMF recording
  • NO network loops
  • User management for search & listen
  • Recording instantly available
  • WebGUI
  • Search on: calling & called number
  • Search on: Start date & End date
  • Play & Save recording
  • Mutiple Telecom protocols
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