Save roaming costs for all calls redirected to a voicemail service
by using Intelligent Roaming

 Very fast ROI of less than 2 months and quick deployment (4-8 weeks)
Commercial and technical advantages over your competitors.
Modern protocols e.g. CAMEL, TAP3, SIGTRAN.


Intelligent Roaming

Comsys has developed an Intelligent Roaming (IR) solution on the SpeechFrame platform to save roaming costs for all calls that are redirected to, i.e. voicemail while users are abroad. 
One of the highest costs for operators and customers are the redirected roaming costs. Intelligent Roaming is a smart way to reduce these costs and works in all modern GSM and UMTS core networks.
By using Intelligent Roaming, the costs of the ‘voicemail trombone’ transmission is removed.
The Intelligent Roaming solution is connected to an STP, MSC or MSS. Also the quality of the call increases due to optimization of the connections.
This solution is fully complaint to the EU decision of the 1st of July 2010 (Article).

Top 3 Intelligent Roaming related products

  1. Voicemail
  2. Missed Call Alert
  3. Call Completion

Intelligent Roaming, voicemail tromboning, voicemail trombone, voicemail roaming, ivs

Technical Information

  • Configurable roaming options
  • Multiple Countries supported
  • Web-based Graphical User Interface
  • Configurable CDR options
  • Single, Redundant or High Availability setup
  • Redirection based on network location
  • Including TAP3 billing information
  • Based on SIGTRAN or SS#7 & CAMEL (CAP)
Intelligent Roaming flyerIntelligent Roaming, voicemail tromboning, voicemail trombone, voicemail roaming

Some of our References

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