The IVR Outbound Dialer / Voice Broadcast.

Reach thousands of customers / people in a short time.
A fully web-based solution, for creating multiple campaigns.
 A strong and effective marketing tool.


About Outbound Dialer/Voice Broadcast

The Comsys IVR Outbound Dialer is fully web-based and easy to use. With the IVR Outbound dialer you can create multiple calling out campaigns with each its unique settings and dedicated calling list. The IVR Outbound Dialer is based on the SpeechFrame product and is part of the Comsys Service Delivery Platform.
The IVR Outbound dialer give you the possibility to reach out to hundreds or thousands of people people or to your customers in an effective and efficient way. You can schedule an outbound campaign /voice broadcast at any time you want and to any customer you want.
The Outbound dialer can be used for many purposes such as:
  • Make special offers to your customers
  • Re-active inactive subscribers
  • Emergency notifications
  • Social reasons
  • Billing / invoice reminders
The IVR Outbound dialer can via the IVR flow combined with other Comsys solutions such as the Call Center.

IVR Outbound Dialer, Voice Broadcast

Technical Information

  • Reach Thousands of people in a short time
  • Unique calling list for each campaign
  • Several setting per outbound campaign
  • Highly scalable multiple outbound campaigns
  • Integrated to the Flow builder 
  • Multi tenant
  • Multi-language support
  • Web-GUIs for configuration and control
  • Upload feature for calling list
  • Including "Bel-Me-Niet" (Dutch market)
  • Part of the SDP
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