Number Routing/translation Service.

Route thousands of number to a configurable destination.
A fully web-based solution, for creating multiple routes.
 Define alternative routes for each incoming (service/premium) number.


About Number Routing

The Comsys Number Routing solution is fully web-based and easy to use. With the Number Routing you can define a route per incoming (service/premium) number to an end destination or an alternative end destination. For the routes which are configured the platform will automatically route the incoming calls to end destination.
Settings per service number/route:
  • Route name
  • Selection service number
  • Opening & Closed days/times
  • Destination number
  • Max. concurrent routed call to destination
  • Alternative routing options:
    • Upload and Play an announcement
    • Terminate call 
    • Route to other destination number
  • Alternative routing options are possible for:
    • Outside openings hours/days
    • Busy
    • No Answer
    • Congestion

Number Routing, Number Translation

Technical Information

  • Route Thousands of numbers
  • Unique for each route
  • Several setting per route
  • Highly scalable
  • Multi tenant
  • Multi-language support
  • Web-GUIs for configuration and control
  • Upload feature for announcements
  • Limit on calls to destination
  • For Telecom & Enterprises
  • Route to mobile, landline, SIP
  • Part of the SDP

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