A first class Voicemail solution used worldwide

Next generation Voicemail based on more than 30 years of experience.
Fully web-based, containing a wide range of Voicemail features & options.
Easy to integrate, includes a XML provisioning interface.

A professional Voicemail solution

  • Are you looking for an excellent and flexible Voicemail system?
  • Or do you want/need to replace your current legacy Voicemail platform?
  • Do you not want to purchase all licenses up-front but only a few to start with?
  • Can your current Voicemail platform not handle SIP? 

You now have found it, so stop searching.

Our Voicemail system is being used all over the world at Mobile Network Operators, Fixed Lines operators, Cable operators, MVNOs, MVNEs and enterprise companies. 

The Voicemail is easy to integrate to existing platforms and includes many features, settings and options. Because of the flexibility it is suitable for any company.
Next to all the options the Voicemail includes a XML based provisioning interface. The Voicemail service can also perfectly integrate with your cloud architecture. 
The Voicemail system is available in a single instance or in a fully (GEO) redundant architecture to ensure maximum availability and data integrity.
We deliver the Voicemail solution in various ways:
  • On dedicated hardware (on premise)
  • On your Private on premise Cloud
  • On your Private remote Cloud
  • In the Public Cloud
  • On our Private Cloud 
  • In a Hybrid Cloud (mix of above options)
Comsys offers the Voicemail solution as a full capex solution, in a pay-as-you-grow model or in the Cloud (SaaS).

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Multi tenant & Multi COS

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Some of the 100+ Voicemail features

  • Sorting order playing messages
  • Message waiting notifictions
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Multiple groups (e.g. business, regular) 
  • Many different notifictions
  • Manual / auto create voicemail box
  • Blacklisting on number & login
  • Pin-code protection
  • Absence message
  • Personal message
  • Store messages
  • Call back from Voicemail
  • Reminder notifications
  • Reports about usage
  • Various ways of message retrieval
  • Multi language Voicemail
  • GUIs for maintenance/configuration
  • XML provisioning interface
  • Up to millions of Voicemail boxes
  • Multiple telephony protocols
  • TUI to change personal settings
  • Multi time zone support
  • Direct or indirect message retrieval
  • Multi tenancy
  • Early media options
  • Highly scalable (1.000 to millions)
Download Voicemail flyerVoicemail, Voicemail system, Voicemail solution, Voicemail platform, Voicemail to Email, Voice mail system, Voice mail solution, vms

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