Enable the delivery of SMS to PSTN and get more revenue

 Very fast ROI of less than 2 months and quick deployment (4-8 weeks). 
 Commercial and technical advantages over your competitors.
High SMS call completion additional revenue and customer satisfaction.


SMS-to-fixed, SMS-to-Voice

With SMS 2 Fixed you are able to deliver SMS to all type of connections, not only mobile but also to fixed line (landline). SMS messages are translated to human speech by using text-to-speech conversion.
With SMS-to-fixed, an SMS that is sent to a landline number is translated to voice (SMS-to-Voice, SMS-to-Speech). Then the SMS-to-Fixed platform calls the landline number and plays the message. This allows you to deliver (terminate) more SMS traffic.
Nowadays a lot of people use the auto SMS function on their Smartphone in case they are not able to answer the call. They do not look at the caller, which results in sending SMS to Landlines. With our solution these SMS are delivered. Which generates additional revenue for the operator and improves the service to the customers.
Top 3 related SMS-to-Fixed products
  1. IVR (Voice Response)
  2. Missed Call Alert
  3. Voicemail

SMS to Fixed - SMS to landline - SMS to Voice - SMS to Speech

Technical Information

  • Automatic media translation
  • Text delivery to SMS-capable devices
  • Delivery to traditional voice-only phones
  • Delivery in same language as original SMS
  • No change of the SMS infrastructure required
  • Standard interface to existing SMSC
  • Easy routing in SMSC based on landline prefix
  • Configurable retries for delivery
SMS 2 Fixed flyerSMS to Fixed - SMS to landline - SMS to Voice - SMS to Speech

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