All Contact services in one Service Delivery Platform

Extensive proven track record with international customers.
Contact Center, IVR, Outbound Dialer, Number Routing.
Highly scalable, easy to expand with other solutions.


Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

The Comsys Service Delivery Platform is an environment that can be equipped with various solution to provide various services such as IVR, Number Routing, IVR Outbound dialer, 0900 (premium rate) or 0800 (toll free) services, Contact Center, Post Paid, Pre Paid, SMS.
Service Delivery Platform also includes an graphical IVR that enables customers to create their own IVR applications quick and easy. With a Service Creation Environment you can create and change the voice dialogues in a matter of minutes. 
The Service Delivery Platform is based on the SpeechFrame® product and contains all required functionality to start your own Cloud platform, a dedicated Telecom Operator platform or integrated to any MVNO/MVNE or MVNA environment.

Top 5 related SDP products

  1. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  2. Contact Center
  3. IVR Outbound Dialer
  4. Number Routing
  5. MVNO/MVNE environment

Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

Technical Information

  • CDRs (Call Detail Records)
  • Graphical Flow builder
  • Highly scalable, up to 10.000 lines
  • Many standard interfaces
  • Open integration possibilities
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi tenant
  • Including REST based interfaces
  • Web-GUI for maintenance
  • Web-GUI for configuration
  • Supports multiple protocols
Service Delivery flyerService Delivery Platform (SDP)

KPN Mobile iTalk BB MVNO Virgin Mobile MVNO Skinny MVNE Entel MVNE, Falabella MVNO TZMobile MVNO Bambora PCI IVR Vodafone Ziggo MNO T-Mobile MNO Tele2 MNO, MVNO
Calls / year
Mobile subscribers
10+ years
customer loyalty
Global solutions
On premise, Hybrid,
Public/Private Cloud


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