Ring Back Tones (RBT)

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Introduction Ring Back Tones (RBT)

The Ring Back Tones service (RBT) plays an audio tune to the calling party during the call setup. The subscriber is able to manage and personalise ring back tones. Anyone calling the subscriber will be pleasantly surprised by a specially selected tune while waiting for the called party to pick up the phone.
Comsys does not provide the RBT content, web portals or any other RBT purchasing parts. Comsys prefers to use specialized companies for this. The RBT solution of Comsys can easily integrate/interface with content providers.
Two of the key features for a successful deployment of any of the ‘value-added’ services (such as Ring Back Tones) are flexibility and low cost. The lower the monthly fee subscribers are required to pay for a service, the more likely the service is to become popular and be more widely adopted.

Ring Back Tones

Usage RBT Information

  • A caller initiates a call to the subscriber
  • The network sets up a call to the subscriber
  • The network sets up an additional leg to Comsys RBT
  • The RBT call leg is connected to Comsys RBT
  • Comsys RBT queries A-Number, subscriber MSISDN and date/time
  • Comsys RBT plays the selected Song
  • When the subscriber answers the call, the RBT call leg is disconnected
  • Content Provider interface
  • CDR's (Call Detail Records)
Ring Back Tones flyerRing Back Tones / Tunes - RBT

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