The most unique MVNO/MVNE in a Box solution

A complete solution to start your own MVNO/MVNE with quick deployment.
Real-time Charging, Billing, Rating, Loyaltee for Post Paid and Pre Paid.
A fully scalable supporting MVNOs from 50K subscribers to millions.

Introducing MVNO / MVNE in a Box

Mobile (Virtual) Network Operators (MNOs, MVNOs, MVNEs) have to focus on niche markets however the current legacy systems cannot fulfil the requirements of these models and markets.
Our MVNO/E in a Box solution delivers a smarter and highly flexible product suit in order to be compliant to these new challenges and to help the operator to get the best and most out of the investments.
It is already installed and used by many MVNOs and MVNEs for example: Virgin Mobile (Chile, Colombia, Mexico), Spark (New Zealand), SmartSpace (Austria), Entel (Chile), Z-Mobile (Kosovo) and many others. Handling  more than 15 Million subscribers worldwide and growing strong.
We can offer high flexibility, many features which demand low support efforts, so you can focus on your business. Next to this with our MVNO/E solution the infrastructure is simplified creating a huge interoperability advantage compared to the other legacy designs. Our solution is also OTT enabled
In addition our CAPEX and OPEX costs are extremely low and therefore already support business models that focus on markets with a minimum of 50.000 subscribers.
By using our MVNO/MVNE solution you can make your business a succes on all levels. 

MVNO in a Box - MVNE - MNO - MVNO - MVNA
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The MVNO/E can be equipped with:

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Some of our References

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