Missed Call Alert (Slam down / MCA / MCN)

We offer:

A very fast ROI less than 2 months and quick deployment (4-8 weeks)!
A big Commercial and Huge Technical advantage towards to your competitors.
High Call completion, Additional revenue and Better customer satisfaction.

Introduction Missed Call Alert (Slam Down /MCA)

Comsys offers a complete and extensive Missed Call Alert solution (also called Slam Down). This solution is for the non-Voicemail customers and gives more call completion.

In most cases young customers and postpaid and/or prepaid do not make use of Voicemail (anymore). In some markets the use of Voicemail is just ‘not done’. In all cases the Missed Call Alert is a perfect solution to offer non-voicemail customers the rich functionalities of call alert notifications.

The Comsys Missed Call Alert solution is based on the SpeechFrame® Voicemail product. The solution can serve separate customer groups at the same time, each with specific settings like pre-call (no charge!) and single or multi SMS notifications. Comsys offer many more Call Completion Solutions.


Top 4, related MCA products

  1. Voicemail
  2. Intelligent Roaming
  3. SMS 2 Fixed
  4. IVR solutions

Missed Call Alert - MCA - MCN -Slam Down

Technical MCA Information

  • Multiple instances (groups, operators, labels)
  • Announcement (pre-call, normal call)
  • Default language & Calling party depending language
  • Sending of SMS per redirecting reason
  • Different aggregation types (multi, single)
  • Additional Marketing text
  • Flexible expiration time
  • Many statistics, CDR's, EDR's
  • Flexible SMS configuration via WebGui


Some of our References

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