The next generation of Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

4th generation IVR, based on more than 30 years of experience.
 A fully web-based solution, with a Graphical Flow builder.
 A wide range of standard protocols and interfaces.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is fully web-based and easy to integrate with your business processes.

The strength of the Comsys IVR is that it can be used for many solutions such as: Prepaid & Post Paid, surveys, mass calling, Airport solutions, banking, order entry/tracking, stock exchange. 

Graphical web-based flowbuilder 

With the graphical flow builder you can create & change the dialogs in a matter of minutes. The flow buidler is fully web-based, so no need to install any software and you can use it anywhere.

The flow builder contains has many IVR flow building blocks:

 Home  Play message
 Menu choice  Transfer
 Record  Day of Week
 User Input  Web Service
 Load  Connect Call
 GoTo other flow  Date
 Dynamic Play  Logical check
 Disconnect  Play variable
 Time  Play via URL
 Call Center  Assign value
 GoTo CC-XML  Send SMS

The Comsys IVR solution is used all over the world at Telecom operators and enterprizes. The IVR supports ISDN, ISUP and SIP (Voip).

We offer the IVR solution as a full capex solution, a pay-as-you-grow model or as a Cloud Based service (SaaS).

Graphical web based Service Creation Environment to create IVR flows
[click the image to enlarge]

Next to all the IVR flow building blocks the Flow builder is easy to use with due to various editing functions for exmaple you can: 

  • drag & drop,
  • copy & paste,
  • delete,
  • disconnect,
  • proces variables,
  • collaps & expand,
  • create shortcuts
  • and more.

Some of the 300+ features

  • Cloud or on premise
  • Highly scalable (10-5.000 lines)
  • Based on vXML & cc-XML 
  • Customer management
  • User Manamgement
  • Support of many interfaces
  • Pronouncing: dates, time, CLI etc
  • Multi-language
  • GUIs for maintenance / configuration
  • Transfers & full call recording
  • Time based routing
  • Traffic / load options
  • Web-services (back-end)
  • Multi acces level
  • IVR flow validations
  • Active flow with a single action
  • Early media announcements
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