A web-based Contact Center that is easy to integrate.

 Flexibility to work any time, any place, anywhere (home, the office, abroad). 
 Full OMNI Channel, Inbound/Outbound, Chat, Messenger, Messenger, Mail.
 Fully web-based solution, with IVR, Wall Boards, Reports and more.

Contact Center / Call Center

A Contact Center multichannel solution helps campanies to communicate in an effectively and consistent way with their customers.
We offers solutions for online online conversion, mail, telephony, web chat, web self-service and social media. With one web application it improves your customer satisfaction, sales and trust in your company.

With the Contact Center module you can build up a customer contact database and enclose one or more customer contact channels.
The base consist of the following parts:
  • Agent desktop
  • Management configuration
  • Customer contact database
  • Agent to agent chat
  • Support & help

A Contact Center management GUI ensures easy setup, configuration & control. It also contains various statistical reports and dashboards.

We offer the Contact Center solution as a full capex solution or in a pay-as-you-grow model or as a Cloud Based service.

webchat WebChat

For the online visitors to your website or portal, chatting is fast, free and low-barrier. In addition, the impression that an employee is available fosters trust for the online visitor. That makes live chat a mature communications channel.

Chat is also ideal for the employees in your customer contact center: the application shows all the necessary context for the chatting visitor through an intuitive interface, so that the chat employee can respond efficiently to the issue in question. Thanks to management reports that can be set up in advance, you can optimize the processes of your organization more easily.

email Email

Do you have the goal of making the employees of your email team more productive? That is the purpose of Email Management. All incoming messages are automatically analyzed for content, after which the module offers suggestions from the central multichannel knowledge bank. Cutting and pasting texts from other software is a thing of the past.

This module gives managers the ability to track customer accounts, departments, specific groups, interactions, messages and knowledge bank data in real time. How many e-mails are processed per day and per agent? How long are the wait times for the various categories? Managers can also track the service levels and the performance of their people in real time and document this in reports, on the basis of specific Key Performance Indicators. The management and optimization of customer contact handling is thus made a good deal simpler.

agent-knowlegdebase Agent Knowledgebase

The most personal automatic answers. With our powerful internal knowledge base in combination with e.g. Web Chat the agent can double click on the answer and it is immediately send to the chat as an answer.

It helps the agents to answer quicker and it also takes care of answering in the same way to customers.

telephony Telephony

The Call management ensures that all available customer information is automatically linked to incoming or outgoing calls. With this information the callers are directly routed to the correct campaigns (departments).
You get a real time view of the important user statistics, such as the number of incoming calls per given timeframe, the classification of these conversations, the number of calls per agent or group, the average conversation length and much more.

 Contact Center, Call Center, OMNI channel, multi channel

proactive-chat Proactive Chat

Proactive Chat is in essence a user-friendly behavior targeting tool combined with live chat, so that you increase both conversions and customer satisfaction.

With each opportunity that presents itself, the module immediately alerts an employee who is answering a non-urgent customer question at that moment.

web-self-service Web Self-Service

Knowledge bank is a dynamic, web-based self-service solution that shortens your virtual lines. Your agents have thus more time for customers who do need personal assistance. The module runs on powerful context-analysis technologies, which add each self-service session of the customer to his or her customer profile.

To be certain that online visitors are not left unsatisfied during self-service moments, it is necessary to be able to switch quickly and easily to an agent. If you also offer Chat, the history is sent directly to the most suitable employee, so that the customer is not sent from pillar to post. It appears from research that self-service applications are more readily used if it is clear that there is a ‘real’ employee available.

Some of the 200+ features

  • Inbound & Outbound Telephony
  • WebChat, Proactive, Pre/Post Chat
  • Mail, Messenger Web Selfservice
  • Agent knowlegdebase & Macro
  • Groups & Campaigns
  • User management: supervisor, agent
  • 15+ Management reports 
  • Various dashboard / Wall boards
  • Multi-language support
  • Routing on: skills, priority, channels
  • Multiple calendar settings
  • Easy to combine with IVR flows
  • Configurable colors, thresholds
  • Agent to Agent chat
  • Transfer interactions
  • Labels interactions
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