Redirect failed, non-billable call attempts to successful completion?

A simple and easy-to-use solution that enhances your customer experience. 
Revenue generation: 60% of notified customers make subsequent communications.
Call completion on all levels of communication: SMS, Voice (IVR) and Email.

Call Completion Solutions

More than 40% of mobile-terminated calls are not connected because the called party is not available, does not answer the phone or is busy. Call completion services detect calls where one party (A) could not reach another party (B) for whatever reason and facilitate subsequent call completion.

The Comsys Call Completion solution enables telecom operators to redirect failed, non-billable call attempts to successful completion as billable voice traffic and in the process generate extra re-call traffic. Furthermore customer experience improves with the use of Call Completion because it is so easy to use.

Case studies tell us that 60% of notified customers make subsequent communications.

When adding a “Notify Me” function (when caller B turns his/her phone back on), the opt-out rate is insignificant.

Call Completion can be integrated with Mobile Advertising, when a services MMS/SMS footer is used as a non-intrusive mass market advertising channel. Call Completion can be done on all levels of communication and can be used with different interfaces such as: SMS, Voice (IVR) and email.

Call Completion is especially important within VoIP systems. The call failure rate for VoIP calls is much higher than traditional or mobile lines. Up to 24% of customers cancel VoIP subscriptions, with the number one complaint being failed VoIP call completion of failed SIP NAT Traversal.

Comsys offers different Call Completion solutions:

For more information about the Comsys Call Completion solutions and how quickly they can be implemented, you please contact us.

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