United Telecom

United Telecom SA is a 100% subsidiary of Artilium PLC, a fund listed on the London AIM exchange. Artilium PLC develops software technologies for mobile operators and ensures that United Telecom will benefit from the latest software developed in the field of mobile telecommunications.

We mainly focus on the residential market, as well as small and medium business market. Through our transparent pricing, individual customer care and the "triple play offer" strategy we are a strong player in our segment.

As an established Belgian reseller United Telecom provides fixed and mobile telephony and high quality VDSL products.Headquartered in Rotselaar, with offices in Lommel.



United Telecom

United Telecom SA

Wingepark 5B bus 302
3110 Rotselaar

KPN Mobile iTalk BB MVNO Virgin Mobile MVNO Skinny MVNE Entel MVNE, Falabella MVNO TZMobile MVNO Bambora PCI IVR Vodafone Ziggo MNO T-Mobile MNO Tele2 MNO, MVNO
Calls / year
Mobile subscribers
10+ years
customer loyalty
Global solutions
On premise, Hybrid,
Public/Private Cloud


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