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I-New MVNO Award 2016 for the 3rd time in a row

Amsterdam, Mattersburg, April 2015 – After having been selected as ‘Best MVNO Solution Provider’ in 2014 and 2015, the leading mobile technology services company also wins the top-in-class award for ‘Best MVNE - Enabler of MVNOs’ at the Global MVNOs Industry Awards 2016 in Amsterdam.

The ‘Best MVNE Award’ by the Global MVNO Industry Awards 2016 is granted to companies that, acting as a Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE), are capable of demonstrating that they have made a significant impact in facilitating the development of the MVNO market by working with both, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in order to provide or support related professional services. Best MVNE Award winners are evaluated and selected on the basis of their capabilities and success in helping their customers and the overall MVNO/E market in serving the most progressive business infrastructure solutions.

I-New’s powerful global MVNE success entry convinced the collective experience of the 2016 Global MVNO Industry Awards judging panel most impressively: Following I-New’s key customer promise of “MVNO has never been that easy.”, the company successfully established 5 MVNO service hubs across the globe (New Zealand, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Europe/Austria) in the past 12 months and is about to launch another 2 in the US and Asia Pacific during 2016. Each of them providing significant advantages for MVNOs to enter the mobile business world most competitive and with the shortest time to market: Powerful Network connection already in place, a comprehensive set of products and services to uniquely customize mobile offerings, platform investments already made upfront, affordable even for small sized MVNOs starting from <10.000 subscribers, just to name a few. I-New’s successful MVNE strategy is built to service MVNO clients alongside their customer journey completely, from the first idea to the full operation of a mobile business offering. From their current 19 MVNO client portfolio, already 13 MVNOs were launched during the past 12 months on I-New’s service hubs successfully. Another nearly dozen is in the pipeline to enter the market in the next 12 months.

Walter Botman CEO of Comsys Telecom and Media B.V.: “I want to congratulate I-New with the award for the Best MVNE and I am very proud that the Voice solutions of Comsys are part of it”.

Jacob Barlebo - Head of Business Development (I-New), Walter Botman - CEO (Comsys), Peter Nussbaumer - CEO (I-New),
Stefan Szigeti - Head of Product Management (I-New)

The MVNE solution has many features such as: Real-time IN Services, VoicemailPost paid,Pre paid, SMS-C, USSD Gateway, Messaging Services, MMS, Real-time Convergent Charging and Rating Engine, CRM, Wholesales Billing, Call Center, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence, Provisioning, Mobile Marketing and Advertising, Voice (IVR) Services, Voucher Management System, Service Creation Environment, Flexible Mediation, Loyalty and Campaign manager, and more.

About I-New Unified Mobile Solutions AG:
I-New Unified Mobile Solutions is one of the fastest growing technology solutions  provider in the mobile communication industry. We are specialized in the domain beyond the mobile universe, finding its translation mainly with Virtual Mobile Networks. To conveniently open the telecom world and to naturally link it with the various daily habits of a service subscribers’ life has become our enterprise mission and equally our clients’ success. From offices all across the globe, we are capable of providing, implementing and running highly competitive products and services with a maximum of smart convenience for a converged mobile ecosystem: The MVNO Collection. The company is a trusted and proven partner by most demanding and industry leading clients around the globe. I-New was named ‘Best Solution Provider’ in 2014 and 2015 and ‘Best MVNE - Enabler of MVNOs’ in 2016 at the Global MVNO Industry Awards. For more information about I-New:

About Comsys Telecom & Media B.V.:
Comsys Telecom & Media is a specialist in interactive telephony services and provides telecommunication products, solutions and hosted services in the converging arena of IN, 3G, SIP and VoIP networks for mobile and fixed line telephone operators, MVNO’s and call centers. Comsys has more than 30 years of experience in developing and hosting interactive media services. Comsys develops these solutions for Voice, Web and Mobile. For more information about Comsys visit:

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