GSM-R Romania

Bucharest/Soesterberg/Mattersburg, March2014 – The GSM-R has chosen Comsys Telecom & Media B.V. and I-New Unified Mobile Solutions AG (via its partner NSN) for parts of their new communication platform.

Comsys is prood to deliver a Voicemail and a Call Recording solution to the GSM-R in Romania. Both solutions are fully compatible with all the wishes and security demands of the GSM-R. The Call recording solution can record all call and has an extended call duration option. 

GSM-R is GSM for Railways a Global Communication Platform integrating the railways transport world wide. The GSM-R Industry Group (GSM-R IG) was founded in 2000 as an industry organisation to actively promote the GSM-R technology and ensure successful deployment of GSM-R projects across Europe.

The members of the group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which defines the principles of the cooperation. At the time of its formation in 2000 the main focus of the GSM-R IG was to promote expansion of the GSM-R European standard for railway radio communication worldwide, whilst assuring full compliance with EIRENE standards thus guaranteeing an economy of scale necessary to make the technology economically viable and maintainable.

The members of the GSM-R IG are all GSM-R industry suppliers who are committed to GSM-R technology, and who have been investing substantial development efforts in GSM-R standards and projects worldwide.

About I-New Unified Mobile Solutions AG:

I-New Unified Mobile Solutions AG is one of the global leading mobile technology providers. With approximately 170 employees, I-New creates innovative products and services for companies that want to benefit from the global macro trend in favor of mobile applications sustainably through integration into existing business models. I-News technology has been recognized by the global MVNO/MVNE industry as "Best Solution 2014" and is used by leading companies in the retail, telecommunications or lifestyle worldwide. I-New supplied a wide number of MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs worldwide. I-New has over 15 years of experience in, MVNO's, MVNE's, Machine 2 Machine (M2M), Business Support Systems (BSS) and Telecom Core Networks.  The company headquarter in Mattersburg (Austria) and is a subsidiary of Novomatic Group. I-New has offices in Slovakia, Hungary, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Brazil. For more information about I-New:

About Comsys Telecom & Media B.V.:
Comsys Telecom & Media is a specialist in interactive telephony services and provides telecommunication products, solutions and hosted services in the converging arena of IN, 3G, SIP and VoIP networks for mobile and fixed line telephone operators, MVNO’s and call centers. Comsys has more than 30 years of experience in developing and hosting interactive media services. Comsys develops these solutions for Voice, Web and Mobile. For more information about Comsys visit:

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