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Vion Food chooses the Comsys IVR’s for Belgium and Germany

Eindhoven, Soesterberg, September 2012 – The Vion Food Group with its Headquarters based in the Netherlands has chosen Comsys Telecom & Media B.V. for the new platforms and services in Belgium and Germany.

Vion Food is already using the Comsys IVR for over 20 years and the system is handling annually more than 1 million calls.The Comsys IVR at Vion is part of the main business process of Vion and integrated with several back-endsystems such as JD-Edwards and I&R.

Vion Food has chosen Comsys SpeechFrame for replacement of the current system in Belgium and installation of a new system in Germany. Each system will be equipped with a Guard and Alarming Module and will be capable of handling the traffic of the other IVR’s. The platform will also include SpeechFrame Contact Centre.

Comsys also provides telephony services for Vion Food such as direct-routing, service numbers and geographical numbers. The service numbers for all services will be moved over to Comsys for cross-country fail-over configuration.

Walter Botman, Managing Director at Comsys Telecom & Media: “Vion is combining all the services of Comsys to setup an international platform with a possibility for cross-country fail-over. This gives a lot of flexibility to Vion and is saving costs.”

The interactive voice response service is built on the SpeechFrame platform. The platform is developed in-house by Comsys for the development of interactive services and solutions. It makes use of all the modern technologies such as Voice XML, CCXML, Java and SOAP. The platform supports many different interfaces and various protocols. Comsys can also supply other solutions such as Voicemail systems, conferencing systems, roaming solutions, MVNO solutions and IN Solutions. Comsys solutions can be turn-key on premise or cloud based.

About Vion Food:
With headquarters in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), VION Food Group is a global food company and is active in the fields of high-quality foodstuffs and ingredients for people and animals. Passion for Better Food is the VION credo that guides all actions. VION Food Group is one of the larger food companies in the Netherlands, and is represented all over the world. VION is not a listed company and has one shareholder, NCB Ontwikkeling, which is closely affiliated with the Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouworganisatie (ZLTO). ZLTO is an association of entrepreneurs with an agricultural background. For more information about Vion Food visit:

About Comsys Telecom & Media B.V.:
Comsys Telecom & Media is a specialist in interactive telephony services and provides telecommunication products, solutions and hosted services in the converging arena of IN, 3G, SIP and VoIP networks for mobile and fixed line telephone operators, MVNO’s and Contact Centres. Comsys has more than 27 years of experience in developing and hosting interactive media services. Comsys develops these solutions for Voice, Web and Mobile. Comsys also owns and operates cloud based service centres in several locations throughout Europe. For more information about Comsys visit:

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