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Roaming costs have been a constant topic of discussion in recent years.

What is roaming? When using your mobile phone in a foreign country, you are 'roaming': You automatically make use of the local network which will forward you to one of the national networks of your provider. Of course nothing is for free so also in this case we have to pay for a service such as this. Until now...

With this roaming the following strange tromboning effect also accurs: When traveling aboard and people are trying to reach you but your phone is turned roamingoff they leave a message on ypur voice mail. The odd thing about this voicemail call is: First it goes to the provider abroad and then the call is being transferred to your voice mail box in your own country and there the message will be recorded. So double the cost. Comsys has developed a system which reroutes the call for your voicemail within your country of origin, therefore saving double the roaming costs between providers.

We are talking to several operators across West en Eastern Europe in order to investigate and discus implementation possibilities, thus managing director Comsys Telecom & Media Mr. Walter Botman. The return on Investment for buying Speechframe product can be as soon as several months.

Parallel to this discussion our people are also investigating with several operators, how to make sure that SMS's that are accidently sent to a fixed line still can be delivered Comsys dialogue experts have created a SMS Slang pre-processor. Abbreviations commonly used in SMS messages, such as m8 for -mate-, 2 for -to- and ;-) for -wink-, are translated to readable text or audio fragments. The solution is suitable for any type of telephone. An attractive package of user services is provided guaranteeing a high level of entertainment and loyalty.

Sending SMS messages is extremely popular and an amazing number of messages are being sent to the fixed net. These can now be delivered and charged!

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