Comsys can create easy revenue for Telecom Operators

Soesterberg April 2009 - As from the 10th of April, Comsys Telecom & Media B.V. has a new solution available for Telecom Operators to increase their revenue in an easy way.

Comsys is always looking for ways to help Telecom Operators to grow and increase revenue not only by implementing new value added services but also by analyzing what is really going on with calls.

The new solution is called "Video Termination Service", with this service video calls are terminated and can then be charged to the customers.

In the current situation when a video call is setup to another person or system the caller is not connected when at the opposite site has 3g is available or does not support it. With the Comsys solutions these calls are redirected to on video IVR and play an appropriate video message to the caller.

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