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PrePay Solutions doubles the platform

PrePay Solutions was founded in 2000 and has been a customer of Comsys since 2006. It is jointly owned by Accor Services and MasterCard Worldwide. PrePay Solutions uses the strengths and experience of its parent companies to deliver excellence in prepaid and electronic payment processing. Interesting examples of the services are expense account cards, promotions & reward cards and prepaid debit cards.

PrePay Solutions uses the SpeechFrame® platform for customer requests, automated updates and balance inquiries. The system is being used for several countries. For extension of the platform and adding SIP functionality to the system, PrePay Solutions turned to Comsys. PrePay Solutions is one of the customers that have used the flexibility of the SpeechFrame® platform to develop their own IVR applications and services. Because of the financial responsibilities that PrePay Solutions has, the ability to fully control the system is a great advantage. Of course the stability of the service is of paramount importance to ensure customer satisfaction.

PrePay Solutions has several new international services, especially for the Accor Group. The SIP technology is enabling PrePay Solutions to run these services effectively from a central location. Due to the financial nature of the transactions, the centralized configuration is a great advantage to PrePay Solutions.

Ian Crowe, Senior Consultant at PrePay Solutions stated: We were pleasantly surprised by the speed and flexibility of the Comsys organization. PrePay Solutions has a number of challenges due to dynamic business and Comsys has proven to be a fine partner in this process.

About PrePay Solutions:
PrePay Solutions, the UK's number one and Europe's leading prepaid services company, is an alliance between Accor Services and MasterCard Worldwide. Drawing on 10 years experience and the combined strengths of its shareholders, PrePay Solutions delivers excellence in prepaid. The company's work is driven by six values: innovation, spirit of conquest, performance, respect, trust and simplicity. Previously known as PrePay Technologies, PrePay Solutions designs and manages closed, open and controlled loop prepaid programmes including Retail Gift and Promotional Cards, Prepaid Debit, Rewards and Incentives, Payroll, Corporate Expenses and Benefits Cards. Each programme is tailored to meet the specific needs of PrePay Solutions' clients, who are based in the retail, corporate, travel, and financial sectors. Clients to date include: Debenhams, Arcadia Group, House of Fraser, New Look, Sainsbury's, Virgin Money, National Australia Group, TUI, British Petroleum and Western Union amongst others.

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About Comsys Telecom & Media B.V.:
Comsys Telecom & Media B.V. is a specialist in interactive telephony services and provides telecommunication products and hosted services in the converging arena of IN, 3G, SIP and VoIP networks for mobile and fixed line telephone operators, MVNO's and call centers. Comsys has more than 25 years of experience in developing and hosting interactive media services. Comsys has it own hosted services centers in seven locations throughout Europe.

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