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Rendac services continued thanks to Hosted services

Rendac is a very important organization to Dutch health in general. They are responsible for safe pick up and destruction of fallen stock. All animal farmers in the Netherlands are regularly depending on the services of Rendac. Rendac is part of the VION group, a large international organization with over 15,000 employees.

Rendac has been a customer of Comsys for more than 20 years. Rendac uses the Comsys Voice Response technology to handle more than half a million calls per year.

Over the last period there were some unfortunate problems with the KPN network which is connected to the IVR. In these cases Rendac requested Comsys to provide support in any possible way. Since the SpeechFrame technology of the Rendac system and the Comsys hosted system are the same, Comsys supplied the Voice Response services on the Comsys hosted platform. In this way several thousand customers could register their fallen stock and the service towards the customers of Rendac could continue.

Rendac was positively surprised by this solution and the speed of the switchover. The combination of owning a system with fallback on a hosted platform is interesting for many parties!

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