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On February 1st ComsysConnect was fully integrated within the European Comsys group. Comsys already has presence in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey. ComsysConnect is a Dutch company that started as a combination of the technical possibilities of interactive telephony specialist Comsys and the experience of experts working at the largest virtual call center in the Netherlands. The roots of this collaboration date back to 2000.

ComsysConnect has all the knowledge and practical experience to provide customers the right solution. It can also quickly develop functionality for specific user needs. ComsysConnect is a very dynamic organization with short lead times. Being part of the Comsys Group, ComsysConnect can make full use of the large international team of professional project and IT staff.

Now that ComsysConnect has proven its ability to provide clients with innovative hosted contact center services, Comsys has decided to take full charge of ComsysConnect. The synergy this enables will help in expansion to the international customers. With this addition to the familiar hosted IVR services, it is possible to offer hosted call center services in several European countries using the international platforms.

According to Han Beukers of ComsysConnect, the service is readily available: "We have made the threshold for starting with our virtual call center services so low that it is even possible to try our service for free for a 30 days period."And Han continues in an enthusiastic way: "No annual contracts are needed to start with our service. Also it is possible to determine the desired number of agents from minute to minute. Customers only pay for the agents that are online."He concludes with the following example: "A call center with 10 seats (or remote site) can be started up and rolled out in just a matter of hours at any given time. It can grow to 100 seats just as quickly if the situation requires it. Especially for emergency services this is an ideal solution!"

For more information go to the ComsysConnect website.

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