Comsys helps the planet with Green Computing

“Sustainable computing boosts our bottom line and simultaneously does the planet a favor” Stated Walter Botman, Managing Director at Comsys Telecom & Media.

Computers emit enough carbon into the atmosphere each year to make environmentalists' hair curl, and it's clear that computers aren't going anywhere anytime soon. But energy-efficient computing can be done. Comsys made a strategic choice to use SUN servers. SUN hardware is dependable, telecom grade and SUN have been developing greener computers for many years.

The SUN UltraSPARC processor more energy-efficient:
With the UltraSPARC T1 and even more so with the T2 architecture SUN identified the unnecessary circuits and either eliminated or simplified them. SUN implemented the processing core on the smallest amount of space on the silicon, which allowed them to accommodate more cores on the same area. All of this is done without pushing the CPU frequency itself (which has a direct effect of increasing the chip's power consumption). At the same time SUN incorporated additional components in the processor chip like memory controller and Input/Output functions. This provides significant performance enhancements and allows for further consolidation of components on the motherboard. This also drives energy savings.

Is it more than having a cheaper energy bill?
The advantage is more than a lower energy bill, though energy costs are a very important issue that all companies need to worry about. If it is possible to acquire a server with capability equal or better that consumes less power, an immediate payback in energy savings is possible. Many of the world's data centers have reached their limit in terms of space, whether it is building space or even space within a city. If people don't start adopting these new designs, they will be forced to either limit their computing capability, thereby failing to satisfy their business needs, or they will start taking more than their share of the resources.

Even if a company thinks it can afford to buy more machines and pay higher energy bills, they are still consuming more of the resources and are inadvertently driving up their own product costs. Research amongst customers has indicated told that the new SUN T2 architecture series are simple to cost-justify, since the energy savings more than pay for the cost of the equipment. This is an important point: over the life of the server, the energy costs can be significantly higher than the system investment!

The bottom line is that going green must be beneficial for a company's business. But eco-friendly does not mean that performance has to sacrifice. SUN provides higher performance than equally priced alternatives while consuming less power and less space.

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