Is Voicemail Dead?

Of course this is an interesting question for a company with a Voicemail solution as a product. Voicemail has been a standard product for a long time. However the world is changing, more and more new communication media become standard. This raises a question about Voicemail.

When asked in the street: do you listen to your Voicemail? People will often tell you: “Not always”. When asked do you call back the missed calls? People answer with Yes most of the times. But how many times have you called someone back and said “I saw that you called but didn’t listen to the Voicemail yet, is it anything urgent?” There are even cultures where it is considered rude to leave a message because of the magisterial tone of it. Asking to call you back is ‘not done’.

On the consumer end of Voicemail, some people forget or don’t bother to set their Voicemail profile which decreases the call completion. But not having a welcoming text on your Voicemail will throw of a caller even more. They may start doubting if your number is still active or maybe you have a malfunction on your phone.

Looking from the business end of Voicemail it is still common to leave a message and often the Voicemail message will be taken more serious than an email. Not even taken in considerations if and when email passes the firewall or ends up as spam.

The conventional Voicemail functionality is just a space on a hard disc where you store a spoken message. This was meant to be a signal to know that people are trying to reach you. The only way to hear the message was by calling the Voicemail. Nowadays the place or device where you listen or view this message is should not be limited to one channel. Combinations of mobile and internet are limitless.

What does this mean for the Voicemail as a product? Comsys understands that the conventional Voicemail is not sufficient anymore. Voicemail should be more and more combined with other communication channels. Combining voice or video messages on communities such as Facebook, Twitter and Hyves is becoming more and more popular. Video mail can be a new exiting feature for consumers. Video images show more than only a spoken message.

Comsys believes that offering exciting new features can generate extra revenue and bring new life to Voicemail.

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