Comunicas is now going live with 3G services in Turkey

On July 30, 2009 UMTS /3G networks were launched in Turkey. For many people in Turkey it was not a moment too soon, finally enabling fast downloads and new (video) services. Comunicas (a joint venture of Vegatel and Comsys) has been preparing for this launch, building a 3G service platform. At the moment the first of several new 3G services are going live with Avea with more operators to follow. Also TV stations and soccer clubs are launching innovative services for their fans on the Comunicas platform.

Turkey is a country with enormous potential in mobile growth. At the moment over 50% of the population is 28 years of age or younger, while around 25% is of the population is less than 14 years old. It’s is typically the younger generation that is adopting new mobile services.

Last year Vegatel (a leading Turkish distributor for mobile with around 1000 sales points) and Comsys started the joint venture called Comunicas to realize the mobile service potential. Since July 30, 2009 UMTS (or 3G) networks have been launched by Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea. Comunicas is providing Value Added Services, Voice and Video Chat, Dating and several others on a hosted platform. This means that new services can be added quickly without investments from operators or other media parties. The Comunicas platform is based on the Comsys SpeechFrame platform, incorporating all the latest 3G functionalities. The IVR platform is extensive so that many services can run at the same time without capacity problems. After all, no one really knows how quickly the Turkish people will embrace these new Services!

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