Some Key-facts of Comsys

Comsys is a brand within the Artilium family of products and the company was founded in 1984. The Comsys software solutions are used all over the world enjoyed by many Telecom Operators and Enterprises around the Globe.

Some of the Key-Facts of Comsys are:

The voice solutions of Comsys handle more than 260.000.000 calls per year. Incoming calls are routed to the identified solution and are then able to be answered in the correct language. Examples of current supported languages include, Swedish, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Croatian, Dutch and many more.

The main customers for Comsys are Mobile Operators (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Fixed Telecom operators or Mobile Virtual Network Enablement Companies (MVNEs). The Comsys solutions support on daily basis more than 25.000.000 subscribers.

Comsys has a very high customer loyalty and retention rates. When a company has chosen one or more solutions from Comsys these Customers stay with Comsys for a long period of time. The average time Comsys customers enjoy the comprehensive services is longer than 10 years.

Comsys has customers and deployments in more than 30 countries. Selected examples of Comsys current deployment geographies include, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Bangladesh, Vietnam, USA, and almost all European countries and many more.

All the deployed solutions are supported and maintained by our dedicated a skilled support teams. The teams are able to provide 24*7 international Service & Support all over the world.

We can deliver our solutions in Cloud (SaaS), on premise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, on dedicated hardware or Hybrid. Regardless on the deployment type, if the deployment is Cloud or not we always use virtual servers making the solution highly flexible and easy to switch between deployment as customers demand.


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