New release of our IVR Flow builder

Soesterberg, April 2018, Comsys released a new version of its graphical Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Flow builder. The Comsys IVR in combination with our Flow builder is one of the world wide used solutions which are available in the Comsys Service Delivery platform.

The Comsys IVR solution is suitable for many purposes and already active at many mobile operators, fixed line operators, cable companies, MVNOs, MVNEs, enterprises and customers on our Cloud platform.

Our IVR is very easy to integrate into existing environments and includes many features, settings & options.

Our new Flow builder release includes a new node which can be used for sending a SMS. In the Flow builder you can simple add the SMS functionality by dragging the SMS node into your call flow at any desired point of the IVR flow.

The SMS can be used for many purposes such as sending an SMS for:

  • Confirmation of e.g. payments, orders or appointments;
  • Mobile balance;
  • Mobile number validation / caller validation;
  • Two-way authentication;
  • Share more information such as contact address, web links;
  • Marketing, promotional offering;
  • And many other things.

Comsys offers the IVR solution in full capex, pay-as-you-grow or a SaaS model. We can deliver the IVR solution on dedicated hardware, install it on your own Cloud environment. Comsys also has its own Cloud environment on which we offer the IVR as a Cloud service in a SaaS model.

More information about our state-of-the-art IVR solution can be found here.

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