VoiceXML is a mark up language that, just like HTML, aims to create interaction between a computer and a person. While HTML presents content visually as a web site, VoiceXML presents the content as an automated telephone conversation. On the Comsys SpeechFrame platform voiceXML in combination with ccXML and Java is used

The caller can distinguish his wishes orally or by entering menu options with the keys on the phone. Spoken data will be recognised by automated speech recognition and key entries on the telephone will be interpreted by DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency).

The system responds with audio output generated by Text-to-Speech (dynamically generated speech) and/or pre-recorded audio files.

VoiceXML is a consistent XML implementation in which the essence lies to separate content and the presentation of this content. VoiceXML offers Speechframe® a simple, web technology based language which is easy to use.

The SpeechFrame® environment is suitable for simple voice interaction, but it supports complex dialogues as well. Existing web technologies can be used, for example, for writing voiceXML scripts but also to have a look at the content (mostly stored in databases). Application developers will not be distracted by low-level, platform-specific details which enable them to build new applications quickly and easily.

VoiceXML offers new Products & Solutions to any organisation. This will be more or less decided by the branch in which the organisation operates and the type of applications within that environment. However, generally speaking the following opportunities can be realised by using voiceXML:

  • Existing (web) applications can be made speech-interface accessible quite easily, such as a web-based order status application.
    By making a few relatively simple adaptations this same application will become accessible for customers using their telephone.
  • There is no need to go to great lengths to make sure an enormous amount of callers can access existing and/or new applications anytime, anywhere.
    Speech is still considered to be the most natural and simple form of communications.
  • The development costs for voice applications, such as menus, can be reduced drastically thanks to the possibility to integrate with existing environments and the re-use of modules.


VoiceXML Benefits
VoiceXML offers you to take control of any voice service by taking all technological advantages offered by web technology. Speechframe® is truly committed to the voiceXML open standard and designed a high-end telephony platform SpeechFrame® which converts web based business processes in vocal services turning the telephone into a new and powerful Internet-enabled channel to your customers offering independent channel access to your business logic.

  • SpeechFrame® offers a fully featured Service Creation Environment which allows any web developer to write, drag-drop and test new voiceXML applications within hours.
  • With SpeechFrame® and VoiceXML efficient re-use of web-based applications and existing back-end infrastructures allow telephony applications being part of already existing web and intranet infrastructure.
  • SpeechFrame® brings JAVA and voiceXML open standards to the market today to reduce implementation cost, increase efficiency while lowering maintenance and operational costs.
  • Founding SpeechFrame® on JAVA guarantees being open to all future technology developments
  • SpeechFrame enables the delivery of multiple communication services to telephone users across a single communication platform. Voice, web and SMS can be easily leveraged, turning any telephone into a new and powerful Internet-enabled channel to your customers.
  • Being so open, best of breed third party can easily be implemented allowing separation of application, telephony resources, web servers and speech engines.
  • The separation of application and resources allow new decentralized telephony architectures providing easy distribution of voice dialogues from one single central logic and control site over multiple locations or countries reducing telephony transportation costs and minimizing integration to back end systems.
  • Outsourcing Voice applications by the separation of application and voice resources allowing decentral voiceXML application sharing the same telephony resources.

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