A first class Voicemail solution used worldwide

Next generation Voicemail based on more than 30 years of experience.
Fully web-based, containing a wide range of Voicemail features & options.
Easy to integrate with your website, equipped with a XML provisioning interface.

A professional Voicemail solution

The Voicemail Solution is based on SpeechFrame architecture, this makes it highly flexible and scalable. For Mobile, fixed or business.

The Voicemail configuration, provisioning of the database and statistics are available through a secured web or XML interface. The Voicemail service perfectly integrates with your cloud architecture. 

The Voicemail system is available as a fully redundant architecture to ensure maximum availability and data integrity.

A Voicemail management GUI ensures easy service configuration, database control, administration, statistics and maintenance. 

Top 3 related Voicemail products

  1. Intelligent Roaming
  2. Missed Call Alert
  3. Call Completion

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Technical Information

  • EDRs & CDRs (Event & Call Detail Records)
  • Message waiting, Voicemail to Email
  • Multiple Voicemail groups
  • Many different message settings
  • Various ways of message retrieval
  • Multi-language Voicemail
  • Web-GUIs for maintenance/configuration
  • XML provisioning interface
  • Up to millions of Voicemail boxes
  • Supports multiple protocols at the same time
  • Multi timezone

Some of our References

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