A web-based Contact Center that is easy to integrate.

 Flexibility for agents to work any time, any place, anywhere (at home, the office, abroad). 
 Full OMNI Channel, Inbound/Outbound, Chat, Messenger, Mail, Wall Boards, Reports and more.
 Fully web-based solution, with a Graphical Service Creation Environment for IVR applications.

Contact Center / Call Center

The Comsys Contact Center system is fully web-based, easy to integrate with your CRM and supports a wide range of features.

The Contact Center includes features such as multiple Inbound and/or Outbound Campaigns, Chat, Mail, Messenger, Wallboards, Reports, Realtime information, Voicelog (Call Recording).

Next to this the Comsys Contact Center has a unique Agent GUI in which the agent can handle all the channels. The Agent can also see/read all earlier mails, chats, calls at the same time the agent is talking to the customer on e.g. Messenger. This improves the customer handling and satisfaction. The Contact Center is based on the Comsys Service Delivery Platform.

One of the strengths of Contact Center lies in its connectivity with various systems, and its ability to offer users a convenient way of obtaining information from complex systems.

The Contact Center is used worldwide and thus contains functions and features that are adopted and desired on a worldwide scale.

 Contact Center, Call Center

Technical Information

  • Multiple Inbound and Outbound campaigns
  • Phony, Mail, Chat, Messenger, FAQ
  • User management (supervisor, agent, etc.)
  • Support of SIP connections & SIP clients
  • Management reports & Real time monitoring
  • Various Wall boards
  • Multi-language support
  • Routing options e.g. skill, priority, channel
  • Multiple calendar settings
  • Easy to combine with different IVR settings
  • Many configurable items e.g. colors, thresholds
  • Support of CTI/CRM integration
  • EDRs & CDRs (Event & Call Detail Records)

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