Comsys Solutions & products

Comsys always designs the architecture for their solutions in such a way that it is very flexible, easy to integrated and scalable.

Our solutions can either be installed on dedicated hardware or on the virtual environment of our customers.

Comsys Pricing

Comsys can offer various pricing options and models to suit your wishes:

  • Pay-As-You-Grow license
  • Fully CAPEX
  • OPEX

Some of our References

Skinny MVNE MTel MVNO iTalk BB MVNO Virgin Mobile MVNO KPN Mobile Weex MVNO Slingshot MVNO Smartspace MVNE Sprint MVNE Entel MVNE, Falabella MVNO
TZMobile MVNO Schiphol IVR BlueSky MVNO IP Payment PCI IVR Ziggo MNO Maz Tiempo MVNO T-Mobile MNO Lemontel Mobile MVNO PrePay solutions PCI IVR Tele2 MNO, MVNO
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